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Welcome to Iyantra

Iyantra is an innovative company striving towards excellence with our competence in sustainable products and technologies. We are specialized in green building materials manufacturing technologies, having vast R&D in the field of light weight concrete technology. We are providers of plant and machinery, technical know-how, allied chemicals and consultancy services for setting up AAC, CLC, Fly ash brick, Pre cast concrete, Cast in suit and Green concrete plants at any capacity for various applications worldwide with our explicit knowledge and distinctiveness. more >>

What is AAC Blocks and How it is made?

AAC also known as Autoclaved Aerated concrete It is a lightweight concrete. (AAC) has been widely using across the world since 70 years. Autoclaved aerated concrete, or AAC is made by mixing Portland cement, lime,fly ash, water, and aluminum powder the final mixture is poured into a moulds. more >>

AAC Blocks Manufacturing Videos


  • Light in weight
  • High thermal Insulation
  • High fire protection
  • High sound insulation
  • Lower Water Absorption
  • Eco friendly


  • Blocks, Bricks
  • Tiles
  • Building Panels
  • Roof Insulation
  • Thermal insulation Materials
  • Sound Insulation Materials


  • AAC Fully Automatic Plant
  • AAC Semi Automatic Plant
  • AAC Low Cost Plant
  • AAC Wire Cutting Machinery
  • AAC Steam Curing System
  • AAC Autoclaves